Arizona Dealer LIFTED TRUCKS to Pay Arizona Consumer $33,000 in Damages for Rolled Back Odometer


In October 2020, this office sued Lifted Trucks for violating the federal Odometer Fraud Act when it certified that the odometer reading on a Jeep it sold was the actual mileage, when a CarFax Report showed that the Jeep’s mileage was much higher.

Two years later, and after a four-day trial, the federal court jury returned a Verdict in my client’s favor and against Lifted Trucks finding that it had provided a false odometer disclosure with the intent to defraud, and awarded $33,000 in damages.

The jury also found that Lifted Trucks’ co-defendant Speed Auto Wholesalers, LLC had violated the Odometer Fraud Act with the intent to defraud, and awarded an additional $32,136 in damages.

FActs of the case

The Jeep was taken in on trade from a woman who told Lifted Trucks that CarFax showed the odometer had been rolled back. As a result of the rolled back odometer, Lifted Trucks gave her only $15,000 in trade, but then sold the Jeep three days later to Speed Auto for $26,000! And, when it sold the Jeep to Speed Auto, Lifted Trucks certified on its title that the odometer reading was actual miles even though it knew the CarFax report showed that the odometer had been rolled back. In addition, Lifted Trucks itself reported to CarFax that the Jeep had 100,000 miles; some 40,000 more miles than reflected on the odometer, yet it certified the Jeep had only 59,867 actual miles.

(Corrales 2022-09-20 Jury Verdict v. Speed Auto Wholesalers, LLC, et al., U.S. District Court, District of Arizona, CV2020-2023-PHX-SPL)