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Odometer Fraud in Arizona

My name is Floyd W. Bybee and I help consumers throughout the state of Arizona who are victims of odometer fraud. If the used vehicle you just bought has a rolled-back odometer, you have significant legal remedies available to make it right. 

Congress enacted the federal Odometer Act in (1972) in order to stop the rampant tampering of odometers going on at the time. Yet, 52 years later the rolling-back or altering of odometers is even more widespread than ever, despite today’s electronic and digital odometers.

How To Determine if YOUR VEHICLE’S Odometer Has Been Rolled Back

If you recently purchased a used car or truck that you think might have more miles than odometer shows, you should do a quick check of your vehicle’s VIN through this free CarFax odometer fraud check. This will tell you right away if CarFax is showing an odometer discrepancy on your vehicle. But even if CarFax shows no odometer issue, there still may be an odometer discrepancy which can be discovered through additional investigation. 

You can run a full vehicle history report from CarFax ($44.99), AutoCheck ($24.99) or BADVIN ($10.99) (I prefer BADVIN).  Any three of these reports may show mileage reading from service records, title transfers, emission testing, or auction sales which reflect a higher odometer reading than what is currently showing on your car or truck. See example Carfax report below.

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The fact is that if the odometer on your vehicle has been rolled back, you likely paid thousands of dollars more that the vehicle was worth. Additionally, you are going to experience costly repairs, such as engine replacement, sooner than if the mileage was accurate. Finally, you likely would have not purchased the vehicle if you had known the odometer reading did not reflect the true mileage. 

The federal Odometer Act provides victims of odometer fraud the right to recover either $10,000 or three times their actual damages against the seller. In addition, the seller will be required to pay attorney’s fees and court costs for bringing a lawsuit.

In 2016, a dealership paid $17,000 in damages, plus court costs and fees, for selling a vehicle with an odometer discrepancy. In 2022, an Arizona jury found Lifted Trucks was liable for selling a Jeep which had been rolled-back and was ordered to pay $33,000.00 in damages, plus court costs and attorney’s fees. 

Odometer Fraud

ARE YOU A victim of Odometer Fraud?

Odometer fraud is much more common than most people think. According to CarFax, Arizona is 8th in the nation for having the most vehicles will rolled back odometers!

If you suspect that the used car you just purchased has a rolled-back odometer, speak with an attorney. Call attorney Floyd W. Bybee  at (480)-756-8822 or click the button below and complete the contact form for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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