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Odometer Fraud in Arizona

My name is Floyd W. Bybee and I help consumers throughout the state of Arizona who are victims of odometer fraud.  Whether your vehicle’s odometer has rolled back to reflect a lower mileage, there are remedies available to you.

Congress enacted the Federal Odometer Act in (1972) in order to stop the rampant rolling back of automobile odometers.  Even though most cars and trucks today use electronic or digital odometers, the sale of vehicles with inaccurate or fraudulent misleading odometer readings is still common.

How To Determine if Odometer Has Been Rolled Back

If you purchased a vehicle that you think has more mileage than shows on the odometer, you should run a CarFax or AutoCheck vehicle history report. Either or both may show prior service or other records which reflect a higher mileage than when you purchased. See example Carfax report below.

Car Fraud Lawyer

If your vehicle has more mileage than advertised, or has had the odometer rolled back, you likely paid thousands of dollars more that the vehicle was worth.  Moreover, you would likely have not purchased the vehicle if you had known that the odometer reading was not accurate.

The Odometer Act provides victims of odometer fraud with the right to recover the greater of either $10,000 or three times their actual damages, plus their attorney’s fees and court costs payed. I wrote an article about a dealership that payed out 17,000 in 2016 here in Arizona.

Odometer Fraud

Could you be a victim of Odometer Fraud?

Odometer fraud is more common than people think. If you suspect that the car you bought was rolled back or the mileage on your vehicle was misrepresented, speak with an attorney. Call Bybee Law Center at (480)-756-8822 or click the button and complete the contact form for a free consultation.